Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stripey Brioche Baby Blanket

  • 400yds for border (4 ply weight yarn)
  • 100yds per stripe, 15 stripes total
  • 4mm needles
  • final size 40x27.5in
k2tog = knit 2 together
pw = purl wise
kw = knit wise
wyf = holding yarn in front


cast on 203 stitches

  1. 20 rows garter slipping 1st stitch (white)
  2. brioche starter row (white) 
  3. brioche row 1 (color)
  4. 15 stripes of 24 rows brioche stitch each
  5. slip 1kw, *k2tog, slip 1pw*, k2tog, k1 (white) 
  6. 20 rows garter slipping 1st stitch each row(white)
  7. cast off using stretchy cast off 
  8. fold the white border down and sew it (both top and bottom borders)
  9.  pick up side stitches, including white border on top and bottom
  10. k20 rows garter (white)
  11. cast off using stretchy cast off 
  12. fold over the white and sew down, including closing the gaps on the ends
  13. repeat steps 9-12 for other white side border

Brioche Stitch Pattern
starter row: slip 1kw, *wyf, slip 1pw, k1*
  1. slip 1kw, *k2tog, wyf, slip 1pw*, k2tog, k1
  2. slip 1kw, *wyf, slip 1pw, k2tog*, wyf, slip 1pw, k1
continue holding the yarn in front for switch following slipped pw

  • run a life line every couple stripes just in case
  • change colors on row 1 of brioche stitch for smoother transition
  • place a marker showing which side is row 1 of brioche stitch
  • Brioche stitch tutorial


  1. Each brioche stripe is 24rows high, and there are 15 stripes on the blanket in total. So you can plan how many colors you want on the blanket.